The Way we work

  • Sincere to helpers
  • Sincere to employers
  • Sincere to Hong Kong

We work with sincerity

No placement fee

iHelper is an online agency. We do not charge any illicit fees from the workers as it often leaves the workers in debt bondage. By not charging any of the illicit fees, we ensure the workers have peace of mind and focus only on the services requested of them.

Best suited Employer

The success of our organization trends when all parties are satisfied with our services. This system ensures that we match the perfect domestic worker based on the needs and requirements of the employer.

Guided Tools

The domestic helpers are provided with the necessary briefing to succeed in their employment. Based on the requirements of the employer, the domestic workers will be given detailed job descriptions and the expectations of their employer.

Helpful Interest

Our criteria of selecting a domestic worker are based on their merit and not on their ability to pay placement fees. This ensures that we select the perfect domestic worker based on the employer’s requirements.

Best Services

We at iHelper understand that hiring a domestic helper for one’s office and/or household is a tough task. We are therefore here to help you in your selection by constantly getting in touch with you and understanding your needs. We assist you at every stage of the process to ensure a best match for you.


We are of the understanding that in any relationship, trust plays an important role. We make sure that we do not charge any additional or illegal fees from your helper, thus ensuring that your domestic help dedicate their attention to you and your family’s needs.

Take the Lead

We are working towards to lead and set the market standard for ethical recruitment practices in Hong Kong. We will bring this change by putting up social cause over financial motives. We foresee building a positive relationship between employers and employees, thus making Hong Kong a more cooperative and prosperous place.

Supporting the economy

Domestic workers support the economy of our country by creating many more earning hands and dual income families. The domestic employment has allowed hundreds and thousands of women to pursue their career, by taking over any of the duties that women traditionally handled and used to stay at home. As a result, Hong Kong has some of the highest number of women in the workforce in the world. Moreover, with our rapidly aging population, Hong Kong will need to see an influx of more domestic helpers over the next decade. We must all ensure a healthy work environment for both – the employer and employee, else our country’s prosperity and stability could be impacted in the future.

Restore Country’s Image

Recent media attention has had a damaging effect to this country’s world image and reputation of Hong Kong. Destructing reports of abuse to the domestic workers have dominated the newspaper headlines both nationally and internationally, highlighting the severity of the issue and a need for change. It is our intention to restore the country’s reputation for sincere treatment of all people.