Tips for Helpers

  • As a good helper your responsibility is to serve the employer well

Useful tips for helpers

Take ownership

Take pride in what you do and be a responsible helper is very important


Coming from a different culture and lifestyle, adjustment is unavoidable. Having a right and responsible attitude towards your work will help you to settle down

Need for Initiative

As a good helper, your responsibility is to serve your employer well. You should not be told what to do, instead take initiative to be one step ahead at work. Eg: when your employer returns home from TO BECOME A RELIABLE HELPER, A RIGHT marketing, proceed straight to help to carry their UNDERSTANDING OF bags, inform your employer when groceries are running low etc.

Show courtesy

Respect everyone in the house, especially towards your employer and family members. Respect is a way of making someone feel valued and at the same, the same respect and value will be shown to you.It will show who you really are by being respectful and it is as easy as beginning your day with a cheerful "Good Morning". If your employer does not greet you in return, continue to do so as this might not be their culture. Remember you are going to a family with different values and therefore do not expect instant response. Continue to do what is right and you will see results soon.

results of forgetfulness

Stay focus on your work will help you not to forget easily. Overcome your homesickness is important so that you can concentrate on your work. Putting your family needs and future plan as the main reason why you are here in Singapore.

Follow instructions

Having too many jobs at the same time will cause you to forget easily. Firstly, write down whatever instruction given by your employer.Secondly organize your work so that we will not forget what need to be done first

Use of telephone

Use of phone during working hours will distract your work especially when you are taking care of children and elderly.When you are distracted, you can't focus on your work. Be responsible to put away your phone during working time, remember your employer's house is your working place


Being willing to take correction whenever mistakes are made. Never be afraid to admit any mistake before your employer finds out themselves. It is better to be scolded and corrected by your employer. Than having TRUST broken


DO NOT keep any things that do not belong to you. Even if it is thrownaway items you should ask permission first.

Indulging in Gossip

Not to give any comment or guessing remarks between employer & family members; Do not gossip about employer family matters to others. As agood helper, you must always seek the interest of your employer. You must always protect your employerreputation and personal issue

Leaving the house

Do not leave the house without permission, even when employer is not around. Always seek for permission first before leaving the house. They have entrusted the safety of the house to you and therefore you should be responsible like any member of the family to inform them of your whereabouts

Observe Privacy

Always seeks to protect your employer's privacy. As a helper, you must seek to serve your employer well by not sharing employer's family matter to others.You should not give employer's mobile phone number, address to anybody

Respect for elders

Showing concern and respecting the elderly is important as they are the one who spend most of the time with you.Your employer will not tolerate her helper who doesn't respect their parents or any elderly at home


Observe punctuality is important likebringing children to school, marketing or running errands, do no take your own sweet time or go somewhere else when your employer is not informed.Be punctual to be back home before 6pm during day off.

Negative Influence

Do not talk to other helpers, security guards and strangers who have negative influence over you. Most helpers changed their attitude after receiving negative influence.Do remember that your employer is your 2nd family. You should consider them even when you make a personal decision such as having a boyfriend. They consider you as a family member and they are concerned if you will be affected by this decision, which in turn will also upset your work and their family peace.Many helpers suffer emotionally or physically when they are involved in a relationship

Afternoon Naps

We don't have a habit of afternoon naps. Unless permissions is given by your employer, due to wake up at night for baby milk feeding or elderly need to go toileting