Tips for Employers

  • As a good employer you should take time to assist the new helper to the new environment

Useful tips for employers


Who has no experience working outside their country may have concerns of how they will be accepted in a place of total unfamiliarity and a new environment. This may cause them to lose focus on their responsibilities but it does not mean they can't word. All they need is time and adjustment to a new culture, strange language intonation and most all, homesichness. It will be beneficial if employer can tube this time to assist their new helper to adapt to new responsibilities and settling down into a routine. Understanding them and their needs is also beneficial to employers


It is important when the helper forgets or commits mistakes that employers should study their behaviour pattern to know if she had dearly understood instructions, Most of the time, your helper is too shy to ask even if she doesn't understand, Helpers in general are non-confrontational but they choose to either deny or give excuses which give rise to further misunderstanding with their employer, By understanding your helper on save unnecessary ill feelings and if harsh words are used on them, they will have a tendency to give up if they feel that way harsh criticisms like 'Vou are stupid or you are not a good helper' will only demoralise and discourage your helper from improvements


Accepting your helper as poi of your family will help to remove unnecessary fears and anxieties during her initial adjustment, However, over familiarity can also affect the helper's consistency in her work, Therefore it is always important that employer should state dearly her expectation and their job assignment clearly, Maintaining consistency in monitoring standards and early correction will level down mutational building accountability.


Your helper lives together with you and your family in the same house every day, She will feel uncomfortable if the employer treat them as outsiders instead of a part of their family members, taking her to your family gatherings in, having family dinners with the helper, or buying a gift or birthday cake to celebrate her birthday are some good ways that the employers can do to help in building a better relationship with her By nature, they are warm and hospitable but due to certain struggles in the process of their work will cause them to have negative feelings or outcome, Bonding with your helper will help her to have a sense of belonging and ownership over her duties and responsibilities as she will feel that this is her home.


To become a better helper to the employer, imparting purpose and values of life is vital to help them grow as a person. Many of them come from a background totally different from ours. They may bring with them wrong values and belief system like financial planning, time management, moral values etc. We will never know a person unless you start living with them. Counselling and interaction with your helper with the right influence can help them make better life choices and thus becoming a better helper for your family. This will help them to plan for their future and give a sense of importance, purpose and achievement while working with you. It will make them want to stay longer with you. Do remember we are hiring a helper who is very much a human being and therefore you must be prepared to train them. Of course there helpers who are mature and possess good values, but we will never know who they are during the screening, selection and hiring process.