Find a Helper

  • Our aim is to organize the hiring process with our professionally trained TEAM who will help you find the right helper according to your needs. Our experienced team keeps you updated of all developments throughout the process.

Helpful information for the employers

STEP 1: Share your preference

We at iHelper understand every household has different needs and we accordingly take priority in understanding your preferences and household priorities. The information shared is matched with our database to find the best candidates suited to your needs.

So to share your preference, please register with our website by filling in our online application. Upon the completion of application, our TEAM member will contact you.

STEP 2: TEAM interaction

Once the application is received, our professional team member will contact you to introduce us. The team member will verify your priorities and understand your needs which will help us in our search.

STEP 3: Share suitable match

Your preferences and priorities are of utmost importance. Our team will evaluate and identify candidates who are best suited according to your needs. They will send you the profile of the candidate as and when they find a match that fits your needs. After consultation with you they will schedule an interview with you so that you can evaluate the candidate.

STEP 4: Candidate Interview and Offer

You can interview the suitable candidates at your place of choice. It can be held at your home, in our office or at any public place that you deem fit. We will help you arrange interviews with the most suitable candidates.

Our careful screening process and matching criteria assist you in finding your perfect match. Most of the matches are made within the first few rounds of interview.

STEP 5: Final Stage

We assist you and your preferred helper in signing the contract. We take care of all related paperwork thus avoiding any delays. We will be providing you with all updates so that everything is completed in a smooth manner.