Character of Helpers

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  • Agreement Before Hiring

Helpful information about the character of helpers


Filipino maids are Highly Adaptable in different culture and even in difficult situations.

Relational People

Filipino maids are Highly Relational People who are known for their heartfelt concern, nurturing spirit and caring touch for infant, child and care.

Command in English

Filipino Maids have a Good Command in English which helps a lot in communication.


Filipino maids are good in Hygiene which is important for infant, child and eldercare.

Motor Skills

Filipino maids are Good in Motor Skills which help in work flexibility and co-ordination.

Adjustment of Filipino Maids

Filipino maids are relational and feels approved when appreciated.

Where do our Filipino Maid come from?

Most of our Filipino Maids come from Northern Luzon who has a reputation of being hardworking and thrifty. And Western Visayas who has a reputation of being gentle and submissive.

History of Northern Part of Indonesia

The people from the Northern part of Indonesia, they are ethics group with unique culture. With generation of mixed races like Dutch, Chinese, Portuguese, Indian and many others, making the local population very special indeed. Additional Influence comes from the not far away Philippines.

The personality

Many may have Dutch names and some look mix like Chinese and others look more Latino than East Asian with Dark skin, curly hair, brown eyes.

The Religion

Predominantly they are Christian, with Protestant being the majority and a sizeable number of Catholic, Adventist, Pentecostals, and other Christian denominations. In fact, it has part of Northern Indonesia with most churches per inhabitants and would certainly rank in the top ten on a world chart. In a 1km radius of you could have at least 20 churches, but two mosques. The remaining 20% of the population are Muslim.

Since they predominant Christians, most people own dialect. They pick up fast when they are given opportunities to speak English or any other languages.


They are simple, easy going, sympathetic and submissive. They are well known for being hardworking.


As most Christians, going to church has become part of their lifestyle.

Indonesia is a city well known for tourist with more than thousand of beautiful Islands around. Therefore, most household use washing machines, fridge and other electronic appliances.

Their popularity have been increasing rapidly in Hong Kong.


Transfer Helper have been trained by the previous employers, they have acquired the skills they need to handle most of the electrical appliances and cleaning tools found in the common household in Hong Kong. Apart from that, they should also have acquired knowledge in cooking skills. However this also depends on how they were trained by the previous employer as all employers have different expectations.

Some transfer helpers can be less flexible from their previous experience on childcare or eldercare. The employer has to be specific in terms of what is required from them to avoid any future conflicts.


Transfer Helpers have been working in Hong Kong for quite some time, most of them know their routine and others have mastered the tasks to be done daily, so they require less supervision and training. You may need to consider that it may sometimes be hard to retrain a maid who has experience.


Communication will be smoother as the maid may have picked up some of the local language. Transfer Helpers won’t find it hard to understand the employer, especially when they are giving instructions since they might have adjusted to their language.


Homesickness will not be an issue as she has been away from her family for a while and has adapted to the new working environment. Transfer maid prefers to have day off at least twice in a month since they have their own group of friends. Furthermore, they prefer to have their freedom to hold on to their cell phone.


In terms of screening for a maid, the employer could meet and interview them personally with the help of iHelper agency.

Job Agreement

The employer should be clear on the job description that will be stated on the contract. And they should be specific on the chores that needs to be done so that maids should know the job assigned to her and to avoid future misunderstanding between them. Both maid and employer should agree on to what will be the content of the contract.

Hand Phone Usage

The use of hand phones may cause conflicts and a distraction for the maid’s work. However, maids should not be deprived of a phone to maintain communication with family back home, but there should be an understanding between employer and maid with regards to hand phone usage. Sometimes, employer will let them use the headphone only after work or during days off.

Day off

Some maids will like to have off days while some of them choose to not having any off days in exchange of compensation; that will depend on the employer and maid agreement before employment starts. The employer should let the maid to take a day off